Bulgarians Around the World

28.06.2012 § 1 Comment

I stumbled across Fusion Tables – a cool new Google feature that lets users create, merge and visualize tables, and immediately used it for something Bulgaria-related. The map below represents the number of Bulgarians per country, as estimated by the embassy or consulate of each country, for 2011.

It’s on a logarithmic scale:

Grey : 0 – 1000
Light green: 1000 – 10 000
Dark green: 10 000 – 50 000
Yellow: 50 000 – 100 000
Orange: 100 000 – 1 000 000
Red: > 1 000 000

Unfortunately, this particular theme on WordPress has not been configured to play nice with embedded Fusion Maps, so here’s a static map. Click on it to see the full data visualization or click here.

Note that the number of Bulgarians in Bulgaria only shows those self-identified as ethnically Bulgarian.

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